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Asagi Ageha 浅葱アゲハ

Asagi Ageha is an aerial performer / illustrator, based in TOKYO.

Started her performance career : 2003
Has been partnering with Osada Steve (Bondage master), and is at the ninacle of a successful solo aerial performance career, with more than 5,000 shows in all over Japan, Berlin, Paris, London, and Taiwan (2009).
Especially the evaluations for her solo aerial performances are quite high, as Circus/Acrobat shows including emotional, dramatical expressions.CLICK HERE

Featured in, written or photographed for JapanTimes, PLAYBOY TV (US), CultureX (Singapore), Issue One (UK), Bizzarre (UK),  SM Sniper (Japan) and many documentary films.CLICK HERE

As an illustrator,
Cover for FetishJapan.com, cover for novel books, DVD covers and has had her first exhibition at Vanilla Gallery in Ginza, TOKYO.CLICK HERE